Links to my poems

Here are some poems of mine that can be found online. (My work appears in print as well.) This list is not exhaustive–just a sampling.


Prose poems:

case, foo(t)no(t)e, peri(met)er, affix, concoct (The Destroyer)

epoch, geography (Gravel)

impen(ding) (Word Riot)

epistemology (100 Word Story)

(trig)ger (Star 82 Review)

neces(sit)ies (Really System)

(t)ravel (Really System)

genesic thrift, di(a)gnostic (Hot Metal Bridge)


Constraint-based erasures (if you wonder what that means, see here):

The Wreath of Khan (theNewerYork)

Selections from Imponderables in Excess (Eratio)


Lineated poems:

Is Netflix CEO Reed Hastings nauseated by Papa Smurf? (Uut Poetry)