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In which I wonder about dedications

“for ________.”  What does that mean?  Not to be callous or myopic.  But I wonder about the word choice—“for”—and the implications of such an often-used format. Perhaps I am over-thinking this.  I realize this gesture is probably a way to acknowledge that person’s/people’s patience as the writer worked on the manuscript and during the work […]

Why I do not tend to favor one-word titles

At times, I do use one-word titles for poems.  I do.  But I am a bit hesitant to do so, for a few reasons. For one, one-word titles for poems are plentiful, and some words are used plentifully.  “Nocturne” would be an example of this.  (Which, I admit, I titled a poem some years ago.) […]

Thoughts on titles

The titles of poems can have a variety of purposes (or possibly purposelessness). Sometimes they are the last thing written.  Sometimes they are the first thing.  Sometimes they will be an “untitled.” A title can be brief.  A title can be one word, a phrase, a sentence—a title could push the boundaries of normative forms […]