Archives for July 2013

The Oliver Plunkett; July 27, 2013

Oliver Plunkett Pub pillars teach me Irish.  Irish Coffee.  It is wet.  Pig.  A lovely day.  Salami and bacon in the greenery plate.  Ribs reddened with sauce.  Children game with appropriate boards and pieces.  Three musicians are the sort who use hands: strings and then an accordion.  Sound drenches the pub.  The rain of singing […]

Gougane Barra; July 17, 2013

I enter Ireland’s award-winning water closet.  Hut of orange innards.  My skin a rind the midges suck.  Mirror of panels of mirrors.  I reflect incomplete, looking at my camera’s eye.  Two dried teabags lie outside.  Omens of heated thirst.  Moss as brittle as the steep-less.  The sound of sheep but they are miles across.  The […]

Beach at Kinsale; July 12, 2013

After a bridge and hairpin path, the sand seeps into shoes.  I am not good with such estimates, but probably 80 people.  Barebutt babes led into the sea by their fathers.  Barefoot in the water: crabs approach toes.  Seaweed that pockets air floats.  Seaweed that has alligator skin on its swim bladder.  The green drying […]