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Thoughts on Successful Puns

The pun seems to be something people tend to have strong, divisive emotions about: pun as fun or pun as repellent. I would like to make a point about successful puns: they are not “merely language play” (assuming “mere” language play is possible: if it is still language, then it is still conveying a meaning […]

Pareidolia and poetry

I thought I would share my thesis proposal, originally written in spring 2013. … The thesis shall be a poetry manuscript, titled “Pareidolia has landed.”  The manuscript will contain various explorations into constraint-based poetry, including erasures and other author-created constraints.  The emphasis, therefore, shall be that the methods of poetry-making are just as significant as […]

My MFA Poetry Thesis Defense

Back on Tuesday, November 5th, I had my thesis defense.  My thesis was a manuscript of some of my early constraint-based erasures (a term I use to denote erasures created through specific methods/constraints, such as making use of every page from a source text), written during my second and third years of the program. As […]