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Region and Poetry, Part 3; or, Questions of Writing on Place

I recently spent five weeks in Ireland, the majority of the time in Cork City.  I did write some while there (as can be seen in previous posts shared), but I write of it mostly now that I am gone. After exiting Gougane Barra, I spoke with a peer.  I said that I tend to […]

The Shamrock: Bar/Lounge, Part 2; Roundstone; August 3, 2013

Poinsettias on the fireplace in August.  The bartender says red after the black stuff will be heavy.  The accordion player switches to guitar half the time.  The two men with strings on their fingers.  The pelvis a gathering point, a bowling, stirred.  I am neighbored by Connemara whiskey, wet heat that starts in the mouth […]

The Shamrock: Bar/Lounge; Roundstone; August 3, 2013

I become stooled customer, foamed black at the bar.  The bartender neat, pale red shirt, buttoned-tucked.  Couples at tables, three girls at a vertex.  A perimeter-man wants my eyes.  I turn peripheral.  His slur is a welcome I recognize but do not take.  You could join us in our corner if you like…  Selves double, […]