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Brief Thoughts on the Prose Poem Form

I believe the prose poem can be an ideal form of expressing complexity: it exists as a “lump” of being, not spaced into digested piecemeal.  While a sentence itself is a linear existence, other sentences function directly lateral to that sentence. I think the prose poem can express simultaneity, as there isn’t the overt sequential […]

When writing of Place, consider various meanings of the term “Location”

I think writing of place should explore location in as many senses of the word as possible. Geographic location: the urban, the landscape, with the entrance of wildlife and domestic animals if accurate. Location in time: beginnings, endings, in-betweens, and memory’s effect in urging recontextualizing. Location relative to another person: understandings and misperceptions, intimacies and […]

A Brief Statement on the Desire for Risk

Below is a “bias statement” written in the beginning of the Fall 2013 semester. … Dislikes.  I dislike it when a poem does not seem to engage in any risks.  That is, when it looks, smells, tastes, feels like what readers expect from typical poem-ness.  When it uses phrases that sound like something easily said […]