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On the word “Experimental”

The word “experimental” attracts me. I am interested in deviation (and I enjoy the sense of science [and thus procedure] that can come with the word). I would say that I am interested in reading (and writing) the experimental. But as with “beauty,” “experimental” can be primarily subjective. I wish to advocate use of the […]

When titles have an “or”

Oftentimes when a sentence features an “or,” the sentence is listing alternatives (typically exclusive of each other). In the case of a title, however, the “or” seems to be functioning in a different way. To help demonstrate what I mean, consider the title of an Eliza Haywood novel, “Love in Excess; or, the Fatal Enquiry.” […]

Comparison and Transformation (A Lesson Plan)

Overall objective: move from comparing nouns (as done by simile and metaphor) to transforming nouns by use of a well-chosen verb that seems to augment the usual abilities of that noun. Level 1: The Simile (approximate time: 5 minutes) Explain definition (relating a noun to another noun through the use of “like” or “as”). Show […]