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Region and Poetry, Part 2 (with Internet)

In a previous post, I thought about how mobility affects our relationship to region/our capacity to call ourselves [insert region] poets.  Now, I am thinking about something that requires no mobility, yet it relates/connects us all: the Internet. I am thinking of how, in some sense, the Internet has neutralized region: we can interact (well, […]

Region and Poetry

In Marjorie Perloff’s Unoriginal Genius: Poetry by Other Means in the New Century, the introduction mentions: [T]he notion of a ‘new American poetry’ restricted to those who dwell and work in the United States seems increasingly anachronistic.  Where poets actually live is much less important than what they do, and mobility—whether of texts, now eminently […]

Thoughts on fiction/the novel: when the emphasis is on “story”

I admit that these days it isn’t often that I seek out fiction voluntarily—usually the fiction I read are assigned texts.  Sometimes these are page-turners: plot-driven quick-reads.  While “I couldn’t put it down” is frequently a form of praise, if that’s the main thing I can say about it, for me, it means the plot […]

How a poem transcends its materiality to become a poem

Back in April of 2012, I wrote the following “response paper” for a class on form and theory of poetry.  I thought it might be worth sharing. Don’t worry if you are unfamiliar with whom I reference or the texts I reference; the point is sharing the thoughts. … While reading Heidegger’s essay “The Thing” […]

Why you should know of ’Pataphysics, Part 2

You may want to read part 1 first. Andrew Hugill says in ‘Pataphysics: A Useless Guide: It is generally agreed that [pataphysics] lies around the roots of many of the key artistic and cultural developments of the twentieth century, including absurdism, Dada, futurism, surrealism, situationism, and others…. You may wonder, if that is the case, […]