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Why making constraint-based erasures can be good for children

In a previous post, I discussed my procedure in introducing some upper elementary children to constraint-based erasure poetry.  I think that, besides the benefits of creating poetry lateral to the self, this type of engagement with books may be doubly beneficial for children (or any learner). A constraint-based erasure can be done with any text; […]

The first time I led a Poetry Workshop

Last month, I led my first poetry workshop.  The focus was neither revision nor editing.  The focus was on beginning and writing a poem, specifically the genesis of a poem with the use of a source text—a generation I managed to explore with a group of children. I was welcomed to engage with the upper […]

The term “Constraint-based Erasure”

In recent posts and upcoming posts, I have or will use the term “constraint-based erasure.” I wish to offer a definition for this term.  To do so, I must first explain “erasure” and “constraint-based.” An erasure involves removing (or covering) portions of an original.  The medium may be visual or textual—or both.  For a fine […]