On the word “Experimental”

The word “experimental” attracts me. I am interested in deviation (and I enjoy the sense of science [and thus procedure] that can come with the word). I would say that I am interested in reading (and writing) the experimental. But as with “beauty,” “experimental” can be primarily subjective. I wish to advocate use of the […]

In which I wonder about dedications

“for ________.”  What does that mean?  Not to be callous or myopic.  But I wonder about the word choice—“for”—and the implications of such an often-used format. Perhaps I am over-thinking this.  I realize this gesture is probably a way to acknowledge that person’s/people’s patience as the writer worked on the manuscript and during the work […]

The term “Constraint-based Erasure”

In recent posts and upcoming posts, I have or will use the term “constraint-based erasure.” I wish to offer a definition for this term.  To do so, I must first explain “erasure” and “constraint-based.” An erasure involves removing (or covering) portions of an original.  The medium may be visual or textual—or both.  For a fine […]

On writing and reading sequences

In previous posts, I have been thinking about series and sequences and how they differ.  I have said that while “both the series and the sequence involve a journey, the series is even more journey oriented: the journey must be completed.”  In the case of the sequence, the reader need not complete reading the whole […]

On writing and reading series

In a previous post, I said that a series requires that “a piece as an individual is not as successful…as the pieces understood as a whole are successful.”  I realize I could try to elaborate, especially on the vague term “successful.” What I am trying to say through this term “successful” is a capacity to […]

Word choices: “Series” vs. “Sequence”

While an undergraduate at Rice University, I went off campus one evening with some other peers interested in poetry.  We listened to James Longenbach and followed along with handouts of poem selections. The point of his talk, as I recall, was to distinguish between a “series” and a “sequence.”  While I cannot report what he […]

What is space/silence/‘nothing’?

Back in February of 2012, I wrote the following “response paper” for a class on form and theory of poetry.  I thought it might be worth sharing. Don’t worry if you are unfamiliar with whom I reference or the texts I reference; the point is sharing the thoughts. … On some notes last week, I […]

What is “authenticity,” especially in unconventional work? Part 2

In a previous post, I discussed “authenticity” versus “integrity,” saying that integrity is in reference to an internal assessment while authenticity is more of an external assessment/comparison. And now I look again at this question: if the work does not come directly from the self, what gives it its “justification,” what it can be measured […]

What is “authenticity,” especially in unconventional work? Part 1

When I have spoken of work lateral to the self, you/someone may have wondered: what provides a basis of “truth” for the work?  If the work does not come directly from the self, what gives it its justification, what it can be measured against—how can it “check out”? When work comes directly from the self, […]

Region and Poetry, Part 3; or, Questions of Writing on Place

I recently spent five weeks in Ireland, the majority of the time in Cork City.  I did write some while there (as can be seen in previous posts shared), but I write of it mostly now that I am gone. After exiting Gougane Barra, I spoke with a peer.  I said that I tend to […]